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Granite has been a go-to countertop material for years and has been a popular choice due to its high quality and durability. There are several perks to choosing granite countertops at A TO Z Carpets & Rugs and they are:

Granite countertops add value to your home as well as a sleek and finished look. Prospective buyers look for homes that already have granite countertops installed.

Here are some benefits that countertops provide

  • Countertops act as a good sanitation station. They are easy to clean and do not breed any bacteria. For a kitchen or bathroom area, this is encouraged!
  • Resistant to heat. Due to granite’s naturally cool state, they do not require heating pads if a hot plate is set down on it.
  • Granite is durable and very resistant to scratches. It can also withstand temperature and climate changes if they are placed outside. So easily use your granite inside or out!

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