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We have an incredible selection of rugs, both Persian and Oriental.  We encourage you to come into our facility and and tour with Ali, looking at all the many, many rugs not displayed here.

A Persian rug is a hand-knotted carpet that is produced in Iran, modern day Persia.

Persian rugs are typically considered high in quality, because Iran has been known for producing intricate rugs with high knot counts.

The rug artists are very skilled at their craft, and can create incredibly detailed rugs with impressive precision.

People have sought-after Persian rugs for centuries and will probably never go out of style!

All Persian rugs are considered Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are considered Persian rugs.

An Oriental rug is a rug crafted in any of the "Oriental" countries other than Iran; these countries are typically Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, Uzbekistan and a few others.

Be assured all our Oriental and Persian rugs meet the current sanctions imposed on Iran (modern day Persia).